What do you do?

Complexity Labs is an online platform dedicated to the area of complex systems providing a wide variety of users with information, research, learning and media content relating to this exciting new area. Our mission statement is to assist in the development of a coherent, robust and accessible framework for modelling, designing and managing complex systems. We develop two main platforms, Complexity Academy and Complexity Solutions

Complexity Academy

Complexity Academy is focused on research and education, producing a variety of courses for complex systems and its many related domains from systems theory to complexity management.

Complexity Solutions

Complexity Solutions provides economic analysis and business solutions to the central issues of our time, developing solutions to wick problems through the application of complexity theory.

How do you do it?

We take the often obscure and abstract world of complex systems and make it accessible
Through high quality, well structured content that is adapted to the needs of users within many areas of academia and industry, engaging users through a number of channels beyond complexitylabs.io including third party websites and social media.

WHY does it matter?

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent complexity is a growing challenge faced within many domains. Many of the most significant challenges going forward from environmental change to the engineering of smart cities and the development of sustainable financial systems can be most effectively faced given a formal understanding of their structural properties. Complex systems represents the most viable next generation modeling framework to support the effective research and design of these systems within the context of the 21st century.

Who is involved?

Complexity Labs is a collaborative effort but if you are looking for the guy to complain to when you get a 404 error or find a typo that would be Joss Colchester, he gets the fancy title of CEO & founder but he is also the one who makes the coffee, fixes those annoying little bits of CSS and walks around with his head in the clouds thinking about complex systems. If you are really interest in knowing more you can find him on LinkedIn.


Just remind me again what is a complex system exactly?
In the simplest terms possible complex systems are typically understood as networks composed of a large number of elements(parts) that are highly interconnected. So The internet is a good example, as are social networks, financial networks, supply chain networks!
What is your stance with regards copyrights on your site?
All content on complexitylabs.io is published under creative commons licensing, meaning you are largely free to copy, alter, republish or link to any of the content on the site. Find out more by clicking on the copyright link at the bottom of the page
What sort of organization are you and when were you formed?
Complexity Labs is a registered company (No.417730) in the Republic of Ireland, having been formed in 2011!
If you are a business how do you monetize, I mean how do you make money?
Revenue is generated through the distribution of learning and media content via third party commercial websites.
I have lots more questions how can I contact you?
For any further questions or feedback please us the form bellow to contact us.






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