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Complexity Labs is an online platform for the research, education, analysis
and design of 
complex systems

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Nonlinear Thinking

A line is often defined as the shorts path from one point to another, linear thinking then describes how we interpret events or act in terms of direct cause and effect means. When we use linear thinking to describe something we create a direct logical connection from one cause to one effect, if A then B


Systems Paradigm Video

A short film looking at some of the key themes within systems theory such as the debate surrounding reductionism and holism, the Newtonian paradigm and Systems Thinking. Systems thinking is what we call a paradigm, a dictionary definition of a paradigm would read;

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Govindarajan Jagannathan

Laser spectroscopist, Plasma diagnostics specialist, Thermographer, Graduate of BITS, Pilani, IITK, India, was a staff at IPR, Gandhinagar, India, Works at ITER , France

Kian Azami

Interested in world and believe deepest wisdom hides itself in the most obvious things ignored in front of the eyes.


Avamind is the platform for your Child's Development, created to educate, empower and support parents on their families journey.

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