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Generalizing Game Theory

Game theoretic concepts apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent. These agents may be individuals, groups, firms, or any combination of these. The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate,...

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Cooperative Structures

Cooperative Structures Cooperative structures are the various forms of institutional structures that enable people to act cooperatively, examples being third […]...

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Public Goods Games

Public Goods Games Public goods games are social dynamics that involve three main components: they involve resources that are jointly provided; […]...

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Social Dilemma

Social Dilemma The social dilemma captures the core dynamic within groups requiring collective action, where there is a conflict between […]...

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Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games In game theory, a cooperative game is any situation of interdependence between agents wherein there is the possibility for […]...

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Non-Cooperative Games

In game theory, a primary distinction is made between those game structures that are cooperative and those that are non-cooperative. As we will see the fundamental dynamics surrounding the whole...

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Game Theory Overview

Game theory is the domain of applied mathematics that studies situations of interdependence between adaptive agents. A game is a system wherein adaptive agents are interdependent in effecting...