Urban Networks – Rethinking The City


This paper deals with the analysis of this current situation as it unfolds and asks the question what approach or set of solutions would be appropriate for meeting the growing challenges and demands of a world that is rap

Understanding The Networked Economy


Understanding The Networked Economy is our white paper on the transition of advanced economies into a new form of information based networked model where we provide insight, analysis, and recommendations to help researchers and organizations

Society Papers


See our research that goes in-depth on the subject of sociopolitical systems and governance in a network society

Political Systems in an Age of Complexity


Political Systems in an age of Complexity is our research paper on the evolution of political systems in an age of globalization and information technology. In the paper we trace the past, present and emerging future to systems of governance, looking at the changing sociopolitical context as we move into a network society and the institutional reconfigurations required for political organizations to survive and thrive within this context.

Complexity Management Overview


In this paper, we give a high-level overview of the domain of complexity management. We can understand complexity management as the application of complexity theory to the practice of management. Thus it

Environment Papers


View our selection of papers on socioecological systems from water, to food, to energy systems management