Information Revolution


The Information Revolution Download PDF We hear the word information technology and we think we know what it is, we think it is about computers and smartphones, but it is becoming much more than this, as computing converges with biotechnology and nanotechnology with the Internet of Things, [...]

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Distributed Blockchain Economy


Distributed Economy Download Book "As the world is challenged with tackling the current global environmental and economic crises, many have come to question whether or not the current economic systems can meet global needs while remaining sustainable. The current system has largely [...]

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Political Systems In an Age of Complexity


This book looks at the evolution of political systems in an age of globalization and information technology. In the book we trace the past, present and emerging future to systems of governance, looking at the changing sociopolitical context as we move into a network society and the institutional reconfigurations required for political organizations to survive and thrive within this context.

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System Modeling Framework


System Modeling Framework Being able to model complex systems is a core challenge facing the development of contemporary science. Due to their high degree of connectivity, emergent structures and dynamic nature, studying complex systems requires both a reassessment of the traditional mechanistic paradigm within science and a [...]

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Generalizing Game Theory


Game theoretic concepts apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent. These agents may be individuals, groups, firms, or any combination of these. The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate, structure and analyz

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Platform Enterprises


With the rise of the services economy and information technology fundamentally new forces are at play in the global economy and this is giving birth to a new form of business organization called the platform business that is adapted to this age of connectivity.

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Service Value Ecosystems


In this paper, we look at the nature of this new form of services economy, how vertically integrated, service providers now tend to engage in networked value creation in ecosystem-like environments - what can be called service value networks (SVNs) and how this development requires new cooperation forms in loosely-coupled structures of autonomous organizations.

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