Token Economics Overview


Token Economics Overview Blockchain technology is set to have a transformative effect on the very foundations of how our economies function, the study of this new form of distributed economy may be called token economics or also termed crypto-economics. In this video, we will give a overview to what we mean by these terms. The [...]

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Blockchain Prediction Markets


Blockchain Prediction Markets Prediction markets are a way to gain information about future events using the distributed information collected by a market Prediction markets are speculative markets, very similar to futures markets which have been designed so that the prices can be interpreted as probabilities for events occurring and used to make predictions. [...]

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Initial Coin Offerings


Initial Coin Offerings ICOs are presenting a new way for blockchain based startups to raise capital while at the same time expanding the scope of who gets to participate in the funding of new technology companies ICO, Initial Coin Offerings or first token sale, has become a new way to bootstrap a community, [...]

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Token Economies Evolution


Token Economies Evolution Distributed economics sees economic development as more of an evolutionary process rather than something that can be centrally controlled and directed Economies are large-scale systems for the production and exchange of value within society. One of the key functions of economies and economics is to figure out what might happen [...]

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The Plug-N-Play Enterprise


The Plug-N-Play Enterprise With online platforms and blockchain networks a new form of plug-n-play, on-demand enterprise and economy is emerging A central concern of economics is the question of how do people work together within some form of enterprise and then redistribute the value created by that collective effort, in a way that [...]

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Blockchain Trust & Transparency


Blockchain Trust & Transparency The rapid rise of bitcoin and the growing interest in the blockchain can be directly connected to the loss of trust in the formal institutions of advanced economies. In a Facebook survey done in 2016 asking millennials if they trust banks, 92% of them said they do not trust [...]

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Smart Contract Automated Networks


Smart Contracts Automated Networks Blockchain smart contracts will work to automate many of the basic operations on these newly formed networked organizations The term used to describe the new forms of organization created by blockchain networks is "decentralized autonomous organizations" but one could just as well term them "decentralized automated organizations" as the [...]

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Token Service Networks


Token Service Networks The past decades have witness the rise of an emerging global services economy for which blockchain token networks are ideally situated to support. In just the past few decades our world has been radically changed by the development of almost invisible layers of information networks that now wrap around the [...]

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Token Market System


Token Market System Markets can be seen as decentralized systems for aggregating information and allocating resources according to the price signaling system Openness is one of the key design features of blockchain networks, they are inherently designed to enable intra-organizational collaboration. As soon as you start to use a blockchain to support a [...]

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User Generated Ecosystems


User Generated Ecosystems Token networks have the capacity to align user incentives and create powerful user generated ecosystems without centralized control The central aim in the development of an enterprise or economy is linking the individual's interests with the whole organization in order to achieve optimal overall outcomes. In very small communities it [...]

User Generated Ecosystems 2018-03-22T20:41:59+00:00
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