Systems Thinking Health Care


Systems Thinking Health Care How we construct our models for understanding health care - not just what health itself is but also the institutional frameworks we use to organize health systems - defines the kinds of solutions we can derive. These models come to define what exactly is the problem we are trying to solve [...]

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Health Analytics


Health Analytics There's a tsunami of information coming our way, the world's digital data is expected to double every two years for the next decade.1 This data is of a new form, what we call big data, which is unstructured data from a wide variety of sources. The International Data Corporation has estimated that unstructured [...]

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Smart Health Networks


Smart Health Networks Today hight transaction and administration costs are a central issue within our existing health care approach. The dislocation caused by many siloed systems makes it hard to organize around the patient's needs, while administrative costs remain high. The globalization of health, the movement towards the privatization of health and the advent of [...]

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Health Token Economies


Health Token Economies With the rise of big data, IoT, wearable devices, mobile computing and personalized health sensing technologies the world of health is set to get flooded with a wealth of new data in the coming decades. This offers us the possibility to expand health systems out into the everyday world, the informal world [...]

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Health Tokens


Health Tokens Today there is a major mismatch between value, incentives, and outcomes within our existing health systems and a growing demand for a system that really aligns value with incentives with outcomes. Health is a resource that enables us to function, it has value, both for the individual and for the whole of a society. [...]

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Health Platforms


Health Platforms Moving to a patient-centric model to health care means moving from a system based around closed formal organizations to one that takes the form of an open network. We are currently recreating the wheel within many different centralized organizations when what we need are networks that use knowledge, resources, and data in a [...]

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Health Service Networks


Health Service Networks It is increasingly recognized that health is maintained and improved not only through the advancement and application of health science, but also through the efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices of the individual and society. According to the World Health Organization, today the main determinants of health include the social and economic environment, [...]

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User-Generated Health


User-Generated Health During the Industrial Age, we developed a specific form of healthcare model designed for the mass society of that time. The spread of industrialization, capitalism, urbanization and the increasing importance of scientific knowledge led to the emergence of a specialist scientific medical knowledge. This was a period where the modern doctor-patient balance of [...]

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Value-Based Health


Value-Based Health Around the world healthcare systems are facing mounting challenges and growing costs. The staggering projection for the growth of cost in the US healthcare system are the clearest example of this, but not an exception. Demand is going up dramatically as people get older, as chronic diseases are on the increase and as [...]

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Integrative Health Systems


Integrative Health Systems The context and nature of challenges presented to our health systems are changing fundamentally and rapidly, unfortunately, it can be said that the systems themselves are far from keeping pace. The most significant factor that is changing in the health equation today is that humans are creating their own ill health. As discussed [...]

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