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See our research that goes in-depth on the subject of sociopolitical systems and governance in a network society

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See our selection of videos and articles on topic from the network society, to global culture and discover what a DAO is

Political Systems in an Age of Complexity


Political Systems in an age of Complexity is our research paper on the evolution of political systems in an age of globalization and information technology. In the paper we trace the past, present and emerging future to systems of governance, looking at the changing sociopolitical context as we move into a network society and the institutional reconfigurations required for political organizations to survive and thrive within this context.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


A decentralized autonomous organization, also called DAO is an organization that is run by rules that are created by their members through a consensus process and then written into a set of contracts that are run via computer code, thus enabling the automated management of a distributed organization.

Sociopolitical Systems Articles


A series of reference articles on sociopolitical systems introducing topics such as political self-organization or sociocultural systems

Towards A Knowledge Society


The information revolution of the past couple of decades has switched the flow of information and ideas from slow, linear and scarce to fast, networked and pervasive, giving rise to the potential for a society where knowledge and its usage is the central resource; a new form of innovation economy based on knowledge and its application through information systems. Today the most important inputs to the core economic activities, of the most advanced economies, are widely distributed in the population

Network Societies


The information revolution is often identified as the most profound driver of change in our world today enabling an ongoing disruptive transformation in the deep structure to our Industrial Age social institutions as we move further into the 21st century. Information technology has unleashed the most radical force of our time, hyperconnectivity, that is reshaping all areas of our technology, economy and social institutions according to a new set of rules, those of access, network structure

Platform Society


The early days of the internet - when we were still imagining what the future information society might look like - have given way to the new reality of social platforms, as online digital platforms have risen to dominate social interaction on the internet.