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Complexity Labs is an online platform for complex systems providing a wide variety of users with, information, research, educational and media content relating to this exciting new area. We intend to be a primary resource for information on systems & complexity and work to build a coherent framework that is accessible to all. We aim to serve four main user bases. For students, we function as an e-learning site providing accessible learning content. For researchers, provide original research and work as a reference source. For teachers, we provide educational material. For organizations, we work as a knowledge base.

Complex systems is a new area of math and science with application in design, management, and many other areas. We provide a wide variety of users – students, professors, researchers and the general public, within many different areas – with information and educational content via complexitylabs.io but also through third-party sites such as YouTube and Udemy.
Complexity Labs is a small, internet-based, social business. A social business is a company 100% dedicated to solving a social problem in the most effective way possible. Unlike traditional businesses, a social business operates for the benefit of addressing social needs that enable society and economy to function more effectively. We see complexity theory as a next generation modeling framework for the sciences and a key tool for solving complex challenges in the 21st century and work to enable its accessibility.


As a famous person once said we can’t solve the challenges of today with the same thinking that got us here. The 21st Century context necessitates a new paradigm, it requires that people can go beyond facts and information, to be able to learn, innovate and most of all think. Systems + complexity thinking is the foundations to innovative thinking and it can be a tool for reimaging our world, we want to make it as accessible as possible.

The analytical reductionist process of reasoning has had many great achievements during the modern era, it has essentially created the world we live in today but it has also created many of the problems of today. Thinking requires the tools to be able to synthesize and combine information, to not just break things down and focus on the parts, but also to build them up, to see the full picture, to understand the context. The issues of the 21st century are complex, they are interconnected and multidimensional, they require new tools and new ways of thinking. Combining the right insight and ideas with the right use of technology gives us an extraordinary capacity to re-imagine systems of organization that have reached the end of their life-cycle. Our platform is designed to help individuals and organizations realize the possibilities inherent in the combination of complex systems thinking and information technology towards re-conceptualizing and reshaping our industrial systems of organization.
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler


Mitze Cruz

Based in Manila, Philipines Mize is a creative director, web design, and graphic designer extraordinaire.

Joss Colchester

Based in Ireland, Joss is a self-confessed complexity geek, he is founder, director and creates most of the content

Brunella Costagliola

Based in the USA, Brunella is our academic editor, she works to make things sound respectable

JJ Pethtel

Based in the USA, JJ is a highly talented voice over artist, he’s the guy who makes the audio happen


No, Complexity Labs is not, it is a social business, meaning we are registered as a business organization and are not directly associated with any university.
Complexity Labs is currently supported by seed capital, but also generates revenue through the distribution of content through third party commercial websites, such as Udemy or Amazon.
The content we produce is a synthesis of many different sources, primarily research papers, books, lectures and of course Wikipedia. We do not pretend to be an authority on the subject of complex systems (as there is no such thing) like all information on the internet you should cross reference it and develop your own critical thinking skills.
All of the content we produce is licensed under Creative Commons you can download it and use it in your own project as you see fit, copy, remix or post it on your own site, whatever suits you. You can download it by clicking here
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Yes, we do offer certificates of completion for students who have complete a course and the final quiz. If you want to avail of a certificate you will have to register, you can do that here.

Once you have completed a course and have passed the quiz with the required score(typically over 60-70%) then you can click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen this will take you to your profile page where you will see a list of the certificates that you have gained. In order to download or print one click on the name of the certificate and it will open in the browser, now choose to print it and then you should have an option to print it or to save it as a PDF.

I know, but that is not a question, please keep all questions relevant and to the point 🙂

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