Critical Thinking Skills


Critical thinking is the capacity to distinguish between valid and invalid processes of inference and information sources; it requires the formation of beliefs based upon sound reasoning.

Systems Engineering


Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to dealing with large and complex engineering projects through the application of systems theory

Technology Network Analysis


Technology network analysis is the study of systems of technology via the lens of network analysis. It uses models and analytical tools to study how connectivity shapes technologies; particularly within complex engineered systems that

Information & Control Systems


Information technology is an integral part of the whole theory and science of complex systems. It is essentially the only way through which we can access data,

Political Systems Resilience


Political Systems Resilience The term resilience refers to “the ability of groups or communities to cope with external stresses and disturbances as a result of social, political and environmental change.”1 Political resilience then refers to the capacity of political organizations to adapt to, and evolve responses to, internal and external events, such as large inflows [...]

Sociopolitical Dynamics


Sociopolitical Dynamics Sociopolitical dynamics refers to the major components, relations, and patterns within a political system that defines its overall workings and process of development.1 A political system is the set of institutional structures through which members make collective decisions; political dynamics refers to the pattern of interrelationships between those elements that define how the [...]