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The knowledge revolution refers to the unleashing of knowledge and innovation as a primary source of value brought about by information technology, resulting in a fundamental socioeconomic change from adding value by producing things to adding value by creating and using knowledge. The knowledge revolution is built on top of the information revolution which has enabled knowledge to break out of its traditional confines within libraries and academic institutes as it becomes ever more accessible for the mass of people within advanced economies. This is working to unleash the cognitive capabilities of millions that were previously dampened down within industrial systems of organization which were designed for the production of standardized products at scale. In an advanced information society, knowledge is no longer a static thing that is confined to the elite of academia. Knowledge and intellectual capabilities have always been valuable and scarce resources, but when enabled by advanced information technology that is in turn connected up to a high-tech global economy, it has the capacity to be actuated and reshape the world at an unprecedented speed and scale, the result being a revolution driven by knowledge and innovation.