Token Economics Course


This course is an introduction to the new area of token economics, otherwise called crypto economics, which is the study and design of economic systems based on blockchain technology.

Token Economics Course 2018-04-30T21:02:19+00:00

Game Theory Course


This course is an introduction to game theory, the study of situations that involve interdependency between adaptive actors, people, technologies or organisms

Game Theory Course 2018-02-18T12:13:04+00:00

Analytics Course


Learn about the exciting new world of big data, machine learning, cloud platforms and smart systems with this intro to advanced data analytics

Analytics Course 2018-04-07T11:58:51+00:00

Blockchain Course


This course gives a 360-degree overview to the emerging technology we call the blockchain and explores its far-reaching implications for society and economy

Blockchain Course 2018-04-07T11:53:49+00:00

Systems Ecology Course


This course looks at the application of systems theory to ecology giving us new insight into Earth's complex biophysical processes

Systems Ecology Course 2017-07-08T18:24:41+00:00

Social Complexity Course


This course is an accessible introduction to the application of complexity theory to the social sciences, the course will be primarily focused on the domain of sociology, but we will touch upon elements of psychology, anthropology, political science and economics.

Social Complexity Course 2017-07-09T09:31:50+00:00

Complexity Economics Course


This course is an overview of the new area of complexity economics, we start off with an overview of economic theory discussing our standard approach before going on to give a clear outline to the main ideas coming out of complexity

Complexity Economics Course 2018-04-07T12:09:46+00:00
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