Engineered Systems


Every time we buy a product in the supermarket, take a flight, recharge our phone or send an email we are forming part of what we call complex engineered systems

Engineered Systems 2018-02-11T09:30:30+00:00

Technology Network Analysis


Technology network analysis is the study of systems of technology via the lens of network analysis. It uses models and analytical tools to study how connectivity shapes technologies; particularly within complex engineered systems that

Technology Network Analysis 2017-07-07T12:16:00+00:00

Information & Control Systems


Information technology is an integral part of the whole theory and science of complex systems. It is essentially the only way through which we can access data,

Information & Control Systems 2017-07-07T12:17:27+00:00

Engineering Systems Dynamics


Engineering System dynamics is a modeling method for the analysis of complex engineered systems that are characterized by feedback loops and time delays

Engineering Systems Dynamics 2017-07-07T12:17:57+00:00
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