The VUCA Framework


The VUCA Framework More and more, organizations are forced to operate under the VUCA framework The rapid growth of globalization, information technology, and a changing environmental context are all working to take us into a much more complex world. This new world is interconnected, interdependent, nonlinear and volatile.  Over the past few decades, [...]

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Agile Project Management


Agile Project Management Fast prototyping and execution When we are operating within a stable and predictable environment, we can break projects down into stages and use a linear process of stepping through them stage by stage until completion at the end. However, complex projects take place within dynamic environments that may be subject [...]

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Complex Projects


Complex Projects Traditional project management methods become obsolete as complexity goes up In 2009, the Project Management Institute (PMI) announced their book of the year as the publication entitled "Managing Complex Projects, A New Model" declaring it a groundbreaking study of complex project management. In the preface to the book the author writes: [...]

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Wicked Problems


Wicked Problems Unclean sources of energy With developed economies reaching the end of the process of industrialization, we have witnessed the rise of new forms of highly complex challenges that have moved to the forefront of social concerns. Challenges such as climate change, inequality, environmental degradation, terrorism, global financial instability, multicultural integration or [...]

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Network Organizations


Network Organizations People connected through gadgets The rise of networks and hyperconnectivity is one of the most radical and powerful forces shaping our world today. The advent of information technology and the internet has resulted in a massive reduction in collaboration costs, alongside the possibility for people to set up their own networks [...]

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Self-organization Thousands of Starlings gathering in a flock or murmuration Self-organization is one of the major themes within complex systems and a pervasive phenomenon in our world. Complex organizations like schools of fish, ant colonies, and car traffic, manage to organize themselves into emergent patterns without any form of global coordination. This is [...]

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Collaborative Organizations


Collaborative Organizations Tennis players is a zero-sum game As a recent research paper on the subject of organizational collaboration notes "Collaboration does not come naturally for most employees, particularly those born before the Millennials. Previous generations were taught that competition was good, and that individual hard work—the “nose to the grindstone” mentality—would be [...]

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Open Platform Organizations


Open Platform Organizations Complex systems are fundamentally open systems. That is to say, they have such a high level of connection and exchange with their environment that we can no longer define and manage them in terms of a well-defined boundary, where things are either a part of the organization or not. This is however [...]

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Systems Dynamics


Systems Dynamics Dynamic stock and flow diagram of New product adoption model. Wikipedia The emphasis within the systems and complexity paradigm is on local interactions and how this gives rise to emergent macro level phenomena of the state to the whole organization. System dynamics is one modeling language from systems theory that is [...]

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Emergence Our general conception of organization and the profession of management is built around the idea of a hierarchy within organizations through which control is exercised in a downward fashion in order to coordinate the individual's activities towards some desired outcome. This approach may work well within relatively simple environments, after all, this form of [...]

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