Linear Systems Theory


In this video we will discuss linear systems theory which is based upon the superposition principles of additivity and homogeneity, we will explore both of these principal separately to get a clear

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Nonlinear System


A nonlinear system is a type of system that defies the superposition principles of homogeneity and additivity. Feedback loops between components within nonlinear systems and over time give rise to synergies or interference that make the output to the system less or more than the sum of its parts and thus nonadditive

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Systems Overview


In this module we give an overview to the model of a system that will form the foundations for our discussion on nonlinear systems, we will quickly present the basic concepts from systems theory such as elements, system's boundary, environment etc.

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Nonlinear Systems Course


This course is designed as an intuitive and non-mathematical introduction to nonlinear systems, it explores a world of both extraordinary chaos where some small event like a butterfly flapping its wings can be amplified into a tornado, but also a world of extraordinary order in the form of fractals, self-similar structures that repeat themselves at various scales, one of nature

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Fractals In Pictures


Fractals are a curved or geometric figure, each part of which has similar characteristics as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures, like coastlines or snowflakes, in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales.

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Nonlinear System


Nonlinear System By flying in a synchronized state birds reduce the air friction on the whole flock and thus make the system more productive at flying than the sum of its parts in isolation A nonlinear system is a type of system that defies the superposition principles of homogeneity and additivity. Feedback loops [...]

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Linear Systems


Linear Systems Linear systems involve direct linear interactions between components without feedback Linear systems are defined by their adherence to what is called the superposition principles.View Source There are just two superposition principles and they are called homogeneity and additivity. Firstly additivity, which states that we can add the effect or output [...]

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