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Nonlinear Systems Articles

Nonlinear System

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Nonlinear System A nonlinear system is a type of system that defies the superposition principles of homogeneity and additivity. Feedback loops between components within nonlinear systems and over time give rise [...]

Linear Systems

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Linear Systems Linear systems are defined by their adherence to what is called the superposition principles.View Source There are just two superposition principles and they are called homogeneity and [...]

Punctuated Equilibrium

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Punctuated Equilibrium Punctuated equilibrium is a model first derived from evolutionary biology.View Source This model deals with the dynamics of a complex system, suggesting that most nonlinear systems exist in an [...]


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Fractals Fractals are both physical phenomenon and mathematical objects, exhibiting a repeating pattern that is displayed at various levels of magnitude, what is called scale invariance, creating self-similar patterns under [...]