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Emergence Theory Articles


August 26th, 2016|

Emergence Emergence is a term used in philosophy, art, and science to describe how new properties and features are created as we put things together. Emergence describes [...]

Emergent Process

August 23rd, 2016|

Emergent Process An emergent process is a process of change that involves non-linear, abrupt phase transitions as a system's overall structure and function is transformed into a [...]

Integrative Levels

August 19th, 2016|

Integrative Levels An integrative level is a pattern of organization emerging on pre-existing phenomena of a lower level. Typical examples include life emerging out of non-living substances, [...]


August 19th, 2016|

Autopoiesis The term autopoiesis derives from the word auto- meaning "self" and poiesis, meaning "creation or production". The term is used to describe a system's capacity to [...]

Emergent Types

August 18th, 2016|

Strong & Weak Emergence Emergence describes how new higher level properties, patterns and functionality form as we put component parts and systems together. Emergence is a pervasive [...]


August 16th, 2016|

Patterns A pattern defines some form of correlation between the states of elements within a system. All systems show some form of pattern, either in space between [...]

Synergy Types

August 15th, 2016|

Positive & Negative Synergies A synergy is a nonlinear relationship between two or more elements whereby they generate a combined outcome that is more or less than [...]


August 13th, 2016|

Synergies A synergy is an interaction or coordination between two or more elements or organizations to produce a combined effect greater - or less - than the [...]