Section Overview: Systems Paradigm

systems-paradigm-image-1-370x246Thank you for joining the course. This course was designed to bring together many different sources of information on systems theory into an accessible guide to the basic paradigm that forms the systems “way of seeing the world.”
In this first section, we will be talking about paradigms, theories, and models in general. The emphasis will be on recognizing how we reason and see the world through a particular paradigm, and how this paradigm both constrains and enables our perception. Recognizing our own paradigm and assumptions does not come naturally to us. We interpret newly encountered things, situations, and events in terms of our previous knowledge. ƒ When the Spanish conquistadores arrived in Mexico the indigenous people, unfamiliar with horse riding saw the riders dismount and thought a new creature had arrived on their shores that could separate itself in two at will.
We typically interpret new information in terms of old categories without recognizing how those categories shape our perception of the world. But in order to be an effective systems thinker, one has to be aware of one’s own conceptual framework and this is what we will be exploring in this first section. Click the “next” button bellow to get started.