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Curriculum Design

We want people to learn about complex systems all the way from the smallest detail up to the bigger picture of how it all fits together. As such we have designed the content on our platform to work as an integrated framework and our curricula define the overall learning experience provided. These curricula try to give the content a sense of direction and purpose, by linking back more specific content into a broader framework. Our curriculum provides a framework for cohesively and comprehensively integrating the many different domains of the subject so as to deliver a deeper understanding of the subject than would otherwise be possible. A curriculum can serve the additional functions of defining a body of knowledge to be transmitted or it can serve as a guide for the process of learning, or finally as a praxis for the subject i.e. a standard format.

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Systems Thinking

Curriculum for systems thinking, covering critical thinking, systems paradigm, systems Theory, system dynamics

Complexity Theory

Curriculum for Complexity Theory, covering nonlinear systems, self-organization, network theory, adaptive systems

(coming soon)

Complexity Science

Curriculum for Complexity Science, covering nonlinear physics, systems ecology, social complexity, systems psychology

(coming soon)

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